DJ Arjan 'el Irresistible' (Amsterdam)

Saturday 11th of June 16:00 - 20:00

Arjan Sikking also known as DJ Arjan ‘el Irresistible’ has a traditional approach on his music selection and is known for the way he builds a set of salon dancing. He fully exploits the differences in energy from the many music styles that tango has, especially from the rich history of the 30s, 40s and 50s (and sometimes 60s). His tangos, milongas and tango waltzes are always splendidly danceable.

Gaining his first experiences as DJ as far back as 1994, he has DJed regularly since 1999. From 2004 on, he has been playing weekly. He plays in other tango salons as well, also abroad, such as in the Tango Festival Münster and the International Tango Festival Tarbes, which has invited him back.

A rebroadcast in 1991 of Osvaldo Pugliese's concert in Carré in Amsterdam of 1989 was the first introduction of Arjan Sikking to tango. During this epic performance, which celebrated the 50th birthday of his orchestra, Astor Piazzolla was a guest act. The two grand masters closed the show together with La Yumba en Adiós Nonino.
That same year Arjan danced with his partner Marianne van Berlo in the salons of Buenos Aires. They have been teaching for 28 years now and successfully run tango school Tango Argentino Amsterdam and host recurring salons.

Photo: Marianne van Berlo