Event sponsorship is often more than just a large sum of money. A company can also sponsor your event in another way. Are you interested in supporting this festival? There are several ways to do that.

1. Financial sponsorship
Financial sponsorship is the most common form of event sponsorship. The company logo can often be seen on an event website and at the event itself.

2. Product or service sponsorship
Instead of giving money, a company can also provide products or services. For example drinking, eating, or material for merchandise.

3. Media sponsorship
Media advertising can be expensive, so media sponsorship is very valuable. The company may offer to pay this in exchange for mentioning it in connection with the event.


We thank these amazing organizations for their support. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please get in touch through contact@focustango.com

Lucca Due, Italiaans Restaurant
Kitsch Kitchen
Tangowall ticketing
Tuincentrum De Tuintjes
Jixaw Websolutions