DJ Jur Heijnen (Amsterdam)

Opening DJ, Friday 10th of June 17:00 - 21:00

It is our pleasure to present to you the opening DJ of Focus Tango Festival, the one and only, DJ Jur Heijnen.
Jur is mostly known for the Tuesday night salons in Amsterdam. In 1999 he started in studio De Plantage, following the television broadcast of Barend en Witteman. Later came Moeder’s Mooiste at the Marie Heinekenplein, Arti et Amicitiae with Helma Pantus, the Pick-Up Club with Wouter Apituley, the Artis Zomeravonden, the KHL, Hotel Arena, his own studio at the Elandsstraat and Hoh, now Los Locos.
Jur was the Resident DJ at El Tren in Haarlem and regularly DJed at Cuartito Azul in Rotterdam.
For tango monthly magazine La Cadena, Jur did some interviews with, for example, Wouter Brave and Carel Kraayenhof, and a series of articles about the famous orchestra leaders. In that period Jur and his partner Jonne also worked as teachers in Amsterdam and Alkmaar. In 2010 Jur stopped as a DJ but still he and Jonne visit a salon every now and then to enjoy the tango, dance and music.

It is an honor to have DJ Jur Heijnen open for the Focus Tango Festival and welcome us back to the dance floor.