DJ Lorena Garcia (Buenos Aires / the Hague)

Sunday 12th of June 15:15 - 20:00

Lorena Garcia, multidisciplinary artist, comes from a family of musicians. First dancing tango socially in august 2006 with family and friends, it wasn't until 2008 that she started taking classes. Her first time as a tango DJ was in 2010, as well as her first experience as a tango teacher. She studied with Federico Naveira, Olga Besio, Gustavo Naveira, Yanina Erramouspe, Eduardo Parejita, Nito y Elba  and Javier Rodriguez among the most relevant maestros.
Since recently she has been based in the Hague.

Her DJ style is traditional, combined with party animal cortinas.

We feel lucky to have her as the first DJ on the last day of Focus Tango Festival. 

Photo: Marcelo di Rienzo