DJ La Gata Negra (Ankara / Leiden)

Saturday 11th of June 20:00 - 00:30

Hilal is an aerospace engineer who is in love with technology and innovation. Argentine tango has been an important and complementary aspect of her life since her PhD. Her interest in tango had already started after a tango flamenco show she saw at her university theatre in METU Ankara. Years later she took her first tango lesson at her research institute during her PhD in Porto.

From the very beginning, music has been the most important aspect of Hilal´s tango. She started to learn tango DJing while taking classes and practising her first steps. Within a short time, she was DJing at local tango events in Porto.
Since 2013 she has been living in Leiden, the Netherlands and DJing regularly at national and international events. Her DJ nickname La Gata Negra was given by her peers at Milonga Los Locos in Amsterdam due to her admiration for black cats.

DJ La Gata Negra loves creating a romantic, passionate and joyful atmosphere during the milonga. She carefully chooses her tandas in harmony with the dancers and maintains a positive and heartwarming mood till the end. Her most important rule is playing only the songs she loves dancing herself. 

Communication and connection is really important for her and she feels incredibly happy when she notices the smile and sparkle on the dancers´ faces while dancing to her choice of music. She loves chocolate and keeps either a big cake or bonbons next to her DJ set to share with the dancers.

Photo: Marta Kossakowska